Brizo® Design + H2OKinetic® Technology = Performance, Efficiency and Comfort

Water conservation is, for some, as important as saving energy and resources. It’s why there are really strict water restrictions and usage guidelines in nearly every city. Certification programs like EPAs WaterSense Partnership Program help regulate the construction industry so we’re not over consuming at home.

The biggest criticisms, though, of low-flow (2.0 gpm or less) fixtures, particularly shower heads, are pour coverage and lack of effectiveness. One manufacturer partnered up with a fluid dynamics company to offer a shower “experience” that delivers at least the performance and comfort we expect, while keeping flow rates below 2.0 gpm, and raising the bar for bath (and kitchen) fixture design.

♪♪”I was Blogging in Memphis with My Feet Ten Feet off of Beale”♪♪

Last week was my first-ever trip to to the Blues and Barbecue mecca of Memphis, Tennesse. I was there on an all-expenses paid trip for the first-ever reunion of 80 or so #Blogger19 designers and architects from throughout North America, sponsored by Brizo®!  Brizo® is a division of the Delta® Faucet company that produces luxury kitchen and bath fixtures with a tag line, “…proof positive that form and function are one and beautifully the same”. Nice! I think many of us can appreciate that!

#blogger19 reunion brizo faucet memphis

Prior to this reunion, each of us also participated in one of the bi-annual #Blogger19 Fashion Week events in New York city, where we attended a fashion show for fashion designer Jason Wu and spent some time with the design and marketing folks at Brizo® to learn about the design and manufacturing process of all of their different products. Last week, we got a close look at the latter process. We also were asked to give feedback on some of the new products coming out in 2013 and 2014. Brizo® loves to ask designers’ opinions, and we love giving it, of course. We’re designers! It’s one of the many impressive things about the company that keep their products so appealing…they ask and listen to their consumers.

#blogger19 reunion brizo faucet new york February 2012

#Blogger19 Group Photo with Jason Wu – February 2012

H2OKINETIC® Technology Brings WaterSense Efficiency (< 2.0 GPM) to the Shower Experience

Another way to say this is that H20KINETIC® Technology brings more water with less, which is the not typical of “low-flow” fixtures.

Some of the greatest opportunities in the design and construction industries are efficiency, conservation and durability. Building Codes, Energy Codes, and Green Building Programs are raising the bar to help crack down on excessive use of energy, water and resources.  Last week we took a closer look at the patented H20KINETIC® technology used in many of Brizo® and Delta® brand shower heads and systems, and it not only provides effective coverage, but does it at or below what the EPA considers efficient (2.0 gallons per minute). I’m not just taking their word for it, either, I’ve “experienced” it first hand.

Here’s how it works

As you can see in the graphic below taken from the Brizo® website, by creating a larger droplet size and a denser spray, the showering experience is warmer and more effective. Have I mentioned they do all this at a lower flow rate (< 2.0 GPM or less) than the “typical shower” (2.5 GPM and higher)?

#blogger 19 Brizo H2OKinetic® Technology 2.0 GPM LG Squared Inc

What’s behind the technology is a very small, non mechanical, non-electrical “chip” that was made in partnership between Delta® Faucet Company and Bowles Fluidics Corporation, which they call a fluid circuit. Here is an infrared image from the Bowles Fluidics website showing the chip in action.

#blogger19 reunion brizo computational fluid dynamics LG Squared IncSee how everything is spinning around in the central chamber? As it’s released through the opening, it oscillates and delivers the water similar to when a garden hose is waved from side to side. I used to do that as a kid to water the plants, and I think is did it because (little did I know, then) it gave better coverage. Here is picture showing an enlarged chip, one that is found in the Brizo® and Delta® shower heads, in action at the events in Memphis last week.

#blogger19 reunion brizo delta faucet h2okinetic LG Squared Inc

See how the water comes out? That what it does at each of the holes in the shower head. Here’s a good freeze-frame look at the shower head in action.

#blogger19 reunion Brizo shower head 2 h2okinetic LG Squared Inc #blogger19 reunion Brizo shower head 2 h2okinetic LG Squared Inc

As I mentioned, this technology is available in a variety of Brizo® and Delta® shower heads, from simple to luxury.

#blogger19 reunion Brizo_Hydrati EuroSq H2OKINETICS LG Squared Inc

The good news for homeowners that they can have their cake and eat it too! Performance and efficiency…and aesthetics!. With this technology, these fixtures meet and exceed the requirements of certification programs like EarthCraft House, EPA WaterSense, LEED for Homes, and more. It’s also good news for the Peabody Ducks who, when they’re not strutting their stuff in the twice-daily “March of the Peabody Duck”…

…are in the hot tub of their Duck Palace at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis where all of the #Blogger19-ers stayed for their reunion, thanks to Brizo®.

#blogger19 reunion brizo peabody duck palace memphis lg squared inc

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Next week we’ll be conducting an EarthCraft House Platinum, EPA WaterSense, EPA Indoor Air Plus and ENERGY STAR, Version 3.0 inspection on the Proud Green Home at Serenbe, and hoping for a “PASS” all around! We will, of course, be sharing the results here in the blog.

Written by Chris Laumer-Giddens


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  1. OMG, when they let us feel the difference between the H2O Kinetic showerhead and the typical spray one would find in their home – WOW! You can feel the difference, like a blanket of water. This is the must have shower head!

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