♫ Building Science Blues ♫ by Eric Werling

Architects hear “Building Science Blues” at 2013 AIA Georgia Design Conference

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This past Friday and Saturday, the Georgia chapter of the American Institute of Architects hosted a 3-day design conference for over 300 architects in Historic Columbus, GA. Topics ranged from the business of architecture to designing the modern american home. It was the first year they had a residential track where architects got caught up on some of the latest trends and other goings on in the residential sector. Building enclosure design, energy codes, HVAC Design and 3rd Party verification programs like ENERGY STAR®, EarthCraft and DOE Challenge Home, were among the discussions. Here is a summary of the sessions by me and Carl Seville, a.k.a. Green Curmudgeon.

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For my afternoon discussion, I had the privileged of presenting with Eric Werling, Building America Coordinator at the U.S. Department of Energy, ASHRAE Committee Member, self-proclaimed “Building Scientist”, and, it turns out, singer song-writer. He had just given a presentation right before called, “Setting the Pace for the Race to Zero” about the current and future trends of Zero Energy Home design and construction, and we spent the next hour discussing design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for single- and multi-family residential buildings. The response from the group of architects in the room was impressive. One of the architects traveled from Beaufort, South Carolina, “just to attend this session”, he said. That’s a good sign!

Chris Laumer-Giddens and Eric Werling at AIA GA Design Conference building science blues

♫ Building Science Blues ♫

Without a doubt, the highlight of the conference was Eric’s rendition of his own song, “Building Science Blues”. Here he is at performing it at the opening of his talk on Zero Energy Homes. If only I had known, I would have hauled my electric piano down and we could had our own mini-version of the Building Science Summer Camp’s Boogie Band! Rock on, Eric!


by Eric Werling


Get up in the morning
It’s four o’clock
Still a little sleepy
But I’ve got to rock

Got a lot to do, now people
Got a lot to do
I’m a building scientist
And I do it all for you.

Now I like to test buildings that have lots of floors
And I know how to use multiple blower doors
I’ve got a mile o’ tubing and pressure gauges, too.
I’m a building scientist, and I got them building science blues

Well, I like to measure leaks wherever I go
And I like to find all of the really big wholes
And I plug ’em all up with all kind o’ tape ‘n goo
I’m a building scientist, and I them building science blues

Thank you….

I like to squirt caulk
I like to spray foam
I like to blow insulation in every home
I’m a building scientist, and it’s so cool

They call me a scientist
But I didn’t have to go to school

But, I love my job, and I’ll be true
‘Cause there’s nothin’ more important I can do
I’m a building scientist, and my mama, she’s so proud
I’m gonna save the world and shout it out right out loud, yes…

I’m a building scientist, yes, I am
I’m a building scientist, hot damn!
I”m a building scientist, it’s true

I’m a building scientist and I got them building science blues


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written by Chris Laumer-Giddens

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