Handmade Barn Door makes Architects’ Condo Remodel


Without a doubt the 6′-0″ wide by 8′-0″ high barn door, made with wood salvaged from deconstructed homes in central Florida, is the first thing visitors notice in our 8th level condo in Midtown Atlanta. It was installed as part of the major remodeling we did last year. The barn door, along with several other antique pieces of furniture collected through Jodi’s Mother’s antique business, Ivy Cottage Antiques, is a nice contrast to the more contemporary finishes of the 6-year-old condo.


These photos are a bit fuzzy, but you can get the gist of what the condo was like before the remodel. This process has proven well worth the effort, and if you’re interested, you can read more about the design, de-construction and re-construction in Jodi‘s Part I and Part II postings.

BEFORE: Living and Dining

BEFORE: Living Room and Dining Room (Beyond)

BEFORE: Living

BEFORE: Living Room

BEFORE: Bedroom

BEFORE: Master Bedroom

DIY Renovation of Architect's Condo Phase 1 One Design After Floor House Plan LG Squared Inc Jodi Laumer-Giddens


BEFORE: Floor plan of condo as we originally bought it in 2008, with demolition notes.


This is the Shop/Barn where Jodi and her dad spent a couple weeks building the barn door for our condo. The barn is on the property where Jodi and her siblings grew up, and it’s where they spent much of their childhood learning from their Dad how to build things. That is, of course, when they weren’t playing down by the Withlacoochee River, or on an early-1900s Gravely Tractor mowing parts of the family’s 5-acre property near Dade City, Florida. Jodi’s always been a “hands-on” kinda gal!

The wood shop and BarnLots of memories and things have been made in this Barn!


Salvaged Wood from Deconstructed HomesUnder the Shop/Barn there are piles of the salvaged wood that Jodi’s land developer Dad pulled either from homes he de-constructed, or found in the wooded areas near their home.

Jodi Laumer-Giddens and her Dad, Frank Laumer

Jodi and her Dad, Frank Laumer, with the door before it receives its first sanding and coat of clear finish

Barn Door after sanding and finish

The door after sanding and first finish coat.

Handmade Barn Door Hardware

Hand made metal brackets to keep the barn door on the track.

Bottom rail of Barn Door - Retired Bed Frame

Jodi decided to use a retired bed frame for the top and bottom rails of the barn door that secure the ends of the different pieces of wood that make up the door. Wood species include: Cherry, Osage Orange, Cypress, Walnut, Cherry, and Pine.

Barn Door

Loading up the door to transport it to Atlanta. By now all other remodeling in the condo is complete. The door is the final piece. You can see that Jodi (center, rubbing eyes) is either ready for this all to be over, or not wanting to watch us “boys” handle her 500+ pound creation.


Thanks to family and friends, the door made it in one piece. In fact, these three gents (and one other) hauled it through the lobby of our building and up the service elevator without a scratch to either the door or walls of the buildings public areas. WELL DONE and THANK YOU!


New Floor Plan DIY Remodel Renovation LG Squared, Inc. Atlanta

The Floor Plan AFTER the remodel. We swapped locations of the Living and Dining rooms, giving way to larger Living and better proximity of Dining to Kitchen. Expanded the Master Closet and simplified the interior wall configuration. We did loose square footage in the bathroom, but what we lost was mostly circulation space. We also replaced the inefficient heating and air conditioning system with a new ductless mini-spit heat pump system.

Barn Door Architects Condo Living Room

Looking from the Dining Room in to the Living Room, with the Master Bedroom beyond. The door works very well as “movable partition” as well as a center piece. Beautiful, right?


15-Architect-DIY-Condo-Living-Room-BathStanding in the Living Room looking toward the door of the “Toilette”. The apothecary chest in the center of the picture belonged to Jodi’s Grandmother. At the far left of the picture is the new door location for the expanded Master Closet. MORE CLOSET!! YAY!!

17-Architect-DIY-Condo-Living-RoomLooking toward the Barn Door, standing next to the apothecary chest.

Architects Condo Barn Door After Remodel

From the Dining Room toward door to bathroom.


Looking back in to the Living Room. Behind the couch is a 6′-0″ long IKEA table and chair that Jodi uses as her office. Only someone as space-conscious and organized as Jodi can make a space that size function without an ounce of clutter.

21-Architect-DIY-Condo-DiningLooking at the Dining Room from the Living Room. The wine cabinet base is another hand made piece by Jodi and her Dad, and the cabinet top is an antique from her mother’s antique shop.

Architects Condo Remodel Master Bedroom

Finally, a peak in to the Bedroom. The chandelier that belonged to Jodi’s Grandmother. The picture on the wall is of Sabine, our German Shepherd of 12 years, who saw us trough these de-construction and re-construction efforts and much more!


As I write this post, we are in Florida so Jodi and her Dad can continue to work on our new Trestle Style Dining Table. Here she and her Dad are double-checking dimensions and testing out how it will work as a table. As you can see, it’s narrower than most. This is to allow for more room and better flow in the Dining area of our condo. It will also be normal table height with benches, instead of bar height with stools. Can’t wait!

Trestle Style Table LG Squared Inc





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  1. Well done Chris and Jodi! This looks awesome. 🙂

  2. sherry hart says:

    The door is incredible!

  3. MamaAne says:

    You two have really transformed your home into a masterpiece! Perfect blend of old and new! Well done!

  4. Stella Martin says:

    Great idea. I found two antique Japanese garden gates and had them made into a fabulous cabinet for a client. Took 2 men to lift each door panel. Had hand forged bronze hidden hinges made, doors open as smooth as butter. Client was over-the- moon.

  5. Thanks, Lisa! It was definitely a labor of love.
    If we ever do this again, thought, we’ll be moving OUT during the renovation!!

  6. Thanks, Sherry! Jodi and her Dad do amazing work and they have fun doing it.
    We’re looking forward to the trestle table they’re making. We think it will pull things together that much more.

  7. Thanks, Ma!
    Can’t wait for the day you get to see it. Thanks for always supporting us through our “projects” 🙂

  8. Thanks, Stella!
    The transformation is almost more enjoyable than the end result.
    The cabinet sounds amazing. Any chance you can send a link to some pics? Feel free to share that here in the comments!

  9. Denice says:

    I am looking for someone to build garden gates, can you please give me contact information for the craftsman who built the doors?


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