Kitchen and Bath Trends toward Simple and Personal

Kitchen and Bath Trends toward Simple and Personal

I’m back from #BlogTourVegas and the 2015 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. I had some fun, learned a lot, I saw a lot of innovation and well-designed residential products that made me realize that the innovations in Kitchen and Bath are Trending Toward Simplicity and Personalization.


Photo by: Chasen West Photography

After a great welcoming dinner event from our hosts, Veronika Miller and Florence Von Pelet, and their Modenus team, we rested and got ourselves ready for what turned out to be four intense days of discovering the latest trends and technologies in the Kitchen and Bath industry.


Photo by: Chasen West Photography

The first official day of the “tour” was all about Modenus Talks, which was kicked off with a presentation on The Power of Design, by the CEO of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Randy Fiser, which left quite an impression on me. I was impressed that the interior design industry is paying even more attention to things like durability, health and efficiency in buildings. He challenged the industry to take control of and integrate solutions for things like Natural Ventilation, Low VOC Products, and better HVAC Systems. This turned out to be one of the highlights, for me, of the trip, and I want to thank Randy, again, for his efforts in helping steer the industry in a positive direction.


Photo by: Chasen West Photography

Now, on to the show! And, no, I don’t mean Elton John’s Million Dollar Piano show. Maybe next time. If you’ve never been to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), it’s an opportunity to get a firsthand look at innovations in product development, design and technology. You also get to mix and mingle with design and construction professionals from all over the world. KBIS organizers create this show to appeal to the interests of the homeowner, design professional, builder and other like-minded folks. I had a chance to meet several of these KBIS organizers, and I gotta say, they are a hard working group. My hats off to them for an amazing show! And, thank you for helping make it possible for the BlogTour-ists and me to take part!



Simple is the New Luxury

One of the many brands I took a close look at during BlogTour was Thermador, whose tag line is, “Real Innovations for Real Cooks” They’ve been making refrigeration and cooking equipment for 75-years, and from what I saw, they live up to their motto. I appreciate their simplicity of innovations in product design and engineering, how flexible they’ve made everything for personalizing your Kitchen. They also seem to put an emphasis on operating efficiency and making things that are very effective at what they do.


Thermador also made the first, and currently the only, full-surface induction cook top. This was one of my favorites from the show because it’s so simple, it’s genius. You can put any size and shape pot or pan on its surface, and it will recognize that, and its location. Unlike electric and gas, induction doesn’t need boundaries, so the designers just eliminated them, and made the entire surface one big burner that with the same temperature control as any other product. So simple. So cool. I gotta have one!



Photos Courtesy of Thermador

One of the great things about shows like KBIS, is the opportunity to meet new people, but also to re-unite with friends from the industry, many of which I’ve only known through social media.


In fact, I got a chance to interview some of my interior designer pals that were invited by the Cosentino Group to design a new pattern for their Silestone product. If you’ve not heard of it, Silestone is a very durable solid surface product, made up of about 98% natural quartz, and is mostly used for counter tops, but I’ve also seen it used as a floor. I like that it resists acid damage, scratching, and staining, and, as a bonus it’s tested and proven to be food safe by the EPA, FDA and, for those Europeans watching this, the European Food Safety Authority. Here are highlights from my interviews with Kerrie Kelly, Julia Buckingham, Mark Williams and Kim Lewis.


Good luck Kerrie, Julia, Mark and Kim, and congratulations on your collaborations with the Cosentino Group. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat.

Lifestyle and Mission Collide in PAWsitive Partnership at KBIS

Now for a bit of a twist. Back at KBIS, we checked out our friends at Wood-Mode, one of LG Squared’s preferred custom cabinetry brands. They were doing something bit different in their booth, that I think is worth checking out.

Pretty neat! That was one of the trainers, and several students in the Susquehanna Service Dogs program of Keystone Human Services. The pups are raised and trained as services dogs to assist children and adults with disabilities to become more independent. Wood-Mode invited them to the show to educate the public, and to promote their new Pet Parlor concept. They seem to have thought of everything you could possibly need to keep all of your pet supplies organized, as well as making it possible for D-I-Y pet grooming. And, it’s all well built!



Photos by: Wood-Mode



On a personal note, we selected Wood-Mode to provide all the cabinetry in one of our local projects, the Proud Green Home at Serenbe. Their craftsmanship, style, and customization suited the needs of the project, and they continue to maintain these qualities with their new product lines.



Thank you #BlogTourVegas Sponsors

As mentioned in my previous post about #BlogTourVegas, none of the above trendspotting or fun would have been possible without the support of the sponsors listed below. I will continue to share what I saw and learned at KBIS, here on the LG Squared Blog, and my social media channels. So, please continue to follow along. Thank you,

  1. KBIS
  2. Mohawk
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  4. Blanco
  5. Poggenpohl
  6. Thermador
  7. Top Knobs
  8. TOTO
  9. Walker Zanger
  10. Wilsonart
  11. Wood Mode

That’s it for the first installment of the trends and innovations I discovered during #BlogTourVegas and the 2015 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. Please let me know what you think, and I’ll see you next time. From the LG Squared ARCHI+TECHS home office in Atlanta, Georgia, this is Chris Laumer-Giddens.

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