Chris Laumer-Giddens, Principal

Chris Laumer-Giddens, Architect, HVAC Designer, Building Science Pro, LEED AP

I am an Atlanta-based residential architect, builder, HVAC Designer, home performance and building enclosure consultant, home energy rater, and professional witness ready for the next opportunity.

I have been fortunate to have had several great mentors during my 25 years in the construction industry. Each of them had a significant impact on my career. One of them, Architect Dick Pritts, taught me that what I considered “problems” were really “opportunities”.

That stuck with me. I especially enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills, technologies, practices and ideas. In fact, my sister once said I am an intense learner.

It’s been this way for as long as I can remember. As a builder’s son, I spent much of my youth learning to build things. From playground equipment to custom homes. I went on to earn an Environmental Design Degree, and a Master’s in Architecture, while continuing to build homes and practice architecture at local firms.

Eventually, I acquired a deep knowledge of and interest in building science, HVAC Design, and challenged myself to design and build even better buildings. Building science and mechanical systems are as much a part of Architecture and Construction as form and function. A building is a system of parts and other smaller systems that all must work together to function and appear as a whole. It’s like the “Dem Bones” poem says, “the toe bone’s connected to the foot bone…etc.” Everything’s connected.

As an Architect and Builder, I take pride in my responsibility as a steward for the built environment, and ensure that the dwellings where people live are comfortable, durable, and beautiful. To paraphrase Joe Lstiburek of Building Science Corporation, architects and builders should “understand how everything works together.” It is rare, but it shouldn’t be.

I am glad to have these skills in my “tool box”. I am also proud to offer them to homeowners, fellow architects, builders, contractors and designers to incorporate good practices for better designed and built homes.


Chris Laumer-Giddens
Architect  |  Builder  | HVAC Designer  |  Home Performance Consultant  |  Energy Rater

“A rather unique species – versed not only in all things architecture but endowed with an extraordinary complement of home performance acumen. Hopefully his example will lead to further propagation of this rare species.” – David Butler, Owner, Optimal Building Systems, LLC

In terms of the HVAC design and building science consulting, I would say he is the best in the region,” “Chris is very talented and detail-oriented when it comes to designing HVAC systems, and he’s always on the cutting edge of the industry” – Luis Imery, Owner, Imery & Company