Jodi Laumer-Giddens, President, Architect, LEED AP

Jodi Laumer-GIddens, Architect, LEED AP

I grew up in a very creative family where entrepreneurship was the rule, not the exception. As the president of LG Squared, Inc. I look forward every day to carrying on the family tradition of originality, creativity and excellence.

I left home and earned degrees in Anthropology, Architecture, and Historic Preservation. I eventually became a registered Architect, and started my own business in 2006 designing homes and renovations. I’ve since been trained in residential energy efficiency and building science.

Having traveled and worked in the caves of Botswana, Africa and the slopes of Paonia, Colorado, I’ve seen my share of different living conditions. I’ve gotten my feet wet, hands dirty, and rubbed elbows with wonderfully diverse people and projects. All this has helped shape my career, and made me a better architect and designer. I understand, and am very sensitive to how buildings go together and how people live.

My goal for LG Squared, Inc. is to provide the most beautiful, comfortable and longest lasting home possible to exceed our client’s needs. Above all, I want our clients to love where they live.


Jodi Laumer-Giddens, President, Registered Architect (Florida and Georgia), LEED AP