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Building a Concrete Slab to Last Forever

BUILDING A CONCRETE SLAB TO LAST FOREVER, AT THE OFF-GRID HOMESTEAD Can something we build today, using the materials and techniques available, last forever? Like the ancient Pyramids and Temples in the world? With a focus on durable materials, solid soil, and proven best practices of construction, I believe it is absolutely possible to build […]

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VIDEO: Building an Off-Grid Homestead

video: Building an Off-Grid Homestead What is an off-grid homestead? What does it mean to design and build a house that lasts generations? What does it mean to have a house be comfortable and keep its occupants warm in the winter and cool in the summer, without using a lot of energy, and keeping the […]

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Building with Rocks, Rocks! Check Out It’s Drying Potential.

Building with Rocks, Rocks! Check Out Its Drying Potential. Check this out! This 24″ x 48″ x 2″ thick piece of rigid stone wool insulation was left out overnight (on purpose) on the High Performance Tiny House project site, to see how it handles a deluge of rain, which we knew was coming. One of the […]

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