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Designing A Perfect Residential Wall – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia has a reputation for getting pretty darn hot, but it can also get pretty dang cold (No snickering from you Northerners, please!). Believe it or not, Atlantans use more energy to heat their homes than they do to cool them. The design temperature set by ASHRAE for the Metro Atlanta area to use when designing heating systems, is […]

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Proud Green Home at Serenbe Construction Update: Installing the Footings

WEEK 2: Construction is underway at the Proud Green Home at Serenbe, and the concrete footings have been poured! Next up…concrete stem walls, which happens tomorrow! After that, we’re pouring the slab-on-grade. Though we considered many good strategies to control heat, moisture and air, here is the foundation detail we are using. Here are some photos […]

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Improved Energy Codes, Diminishing Return, & a New Performance Baseline

It wasn’t long ago that the EPA’s ENERGY STAR New Homes Program created an uproar in the residential building community by releasing Version 3.0 of it’s volunteer 3rd party verification program. One of the biggest crack downs in the new version was it’s requirement for HVAC Contractors to test and verify their installations of the heating […]

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