Variable Refrigerant Flow

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning is an energy-efficient method of providing precise comfort control to indoor environments. VRF offers a variety of applications – everything from spot-cooling or -heating a single room in a home (using a split-ductless system) to a large commercial building with multiple floors and areas (that require individual comfort control delivered by a split-zoning system).

Mitsubishi MXZ-8B48NA Outdoor Unit    CITY MULTI outdoor units

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) moves refrigerant to the zone to be heated or cooled, allowing the temperature of that area to be more precisely controlled. It can simultaneously cool some zones while heating other areas or just provide comfort control to zones that are in use. (Zones are single or multiple room spaces that are conditioned to a set temperature and are operated independently from other rooms within the same structure.)

Ducted mini-split fan coil in attic before insulation   ductless-mini-split-installed-lg-squared-inc-chris-laumer-giddens (1)   moder proud green home, lg squared inc, architecture, architect, hvac design, installation, construction, serenbe, concealed ducted Unit

Ductless systems provide more building design flexibility and result in more usable space. Ducted systems allow you to combine multiple rooms into a single zone. While most VRF systems manufacturers use three-pipe design, there is at least one manufacturer that uses a two-pipe design, which reduces the complexity, time and cost of installation with fewer refrigerant lines and connections.

INVERTER Compressor technology is highly responsive and efficient. The technology allows for  compact, quiet units, flexibility of placement and gives architects and owners more design freedom with Integrated, simple to use controls.

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