Building Science

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LG Squared, Inc. Residential Design is more than Architecture

Designing and building homes is a constantly changing endeavor, but a few things have remained the same: Provide Shelter. Provide Comfort. Make it Beautiful. Make it Last.

At LG Squared, Inc., we know about structure. We know about the mechanicals. We know about the materials. We know about comfort. We know about aesthetics. Most importantly, we know how it all works together.

It all starts with the vision of the client, and we maintain that is the priority. What we create is something that the homeowner will be proud to pass on to the next generations, and it’s something that they will be proud to live in for a long time. They know that every detail was thought through, form how the foundation drains to the profile of the crown molding to the performance of heating and air conditioning system. All of it together.

Every home is like a system. A system where every single part is integral to the homes performance, function and beauty.

We are trained and experienced in architecture, building science, residential energy efficiency, HVAC Design, structural design, and more. We design the pieces, the parts and the whole to work together “as a system”. Early integration of all these practices is critical to the performance, beauty and comfort of the home.

A la Carte

LG Squared, Inc. knows the importance of integrating these principals, regardless of who designs it. That’s why we work with other architects, builders, homeowners, home energy raters, and more in whatever manner appropriate for their project.

Whether it’s HVAC DesignEnergy ModelingGreen Building CertificationHome Energy Rating, Energy Efficient Design, or anything else you see on this website that suites your need, don’t hesitate to ask about it.

We have a LOT of experience working with other disciplines, and with making a high performance home a reality…a LOT!