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Insulating a Slab On Grade in Hotlanta

Insulating a Slab-On-Grade in Hotlanta Why in the world are we insulating a slab-on-grade in Hotlanta? Reason #1: Atlanta is not, I repeat, NOT a cooling dominated climate. Wait…What?!?!? Yes, it gets plenty hot here in the Summer, but it also gets downright cold. Which is why it’s one of the more difficult climates to design and […]

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Sparky Doubled the Air Leakage in this Home!

Sparky Doubled the Air Leakage in this Home This is the home. This is the hole that Sparky (electrician) “innocently” made to feed a wire to the light on the front porch of the High Performance Bungalow. I discovered it a day or two after our home performance diagnostics team, Carl Seville and Abe Kruger, of SK […]

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