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VIDEO: Fertigation System with Duck Pond, Off-Grid Homestead

A Fertigation System, with Duck Pond at the Off-Grid Homestead VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I am in the duck pond at the off-grid homestead in North Carolina. It is one of a series of collection areas for the fertigation system of the southern food forest. We completed the northern food forest about a month ago and you […]

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Controlling Heat Flow and Cracking in Concrete Slab

CONTROLLING HEAT FLOW AND CRACKING IN SLABS ONE BUILDING, TWO SLABS Two of the five concrete slabs at the off-grid homestead are now complete. The barn has two completely separate slabs for one building, with a two inch gap between them, filled with two (2”) inches of rock wool insulation to control heat flow and […]

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VIDEO: Building an Off-Grid Homestead

video: Building an Off-Grid Homestead What is an off-grid homestead? What does it mean to design and build a house that lasts generations? What does it mean to have a house be comfortable and keep its occupants warm in the winter and cool in the summer, without using a lot of energy, and keeping the […]

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