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A Solution for Fresh and Make-Up Air Happiness

A Solution for Fresh and Make-Up Air Happiness Most of us are happy inside our homes, when the air we breath is fresh, and without the nastiness that can make us sick, or that is just plain stinky. As soon as it’s not fresh, we try to get rid of it. Some of us open a window or two. Others crank up an exhaust […]

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Chris Laumer-Giddens to Host NARI Atlanta Roundtable Discussion: HVAC Design Done Right in Remodeling

NEWS From LG Squared, Inc. The Atlanta Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) hosts a Round Table Discussion at various locations throughout Atlanta on the second Tuesday of every month. For August, the Atlanta Chapter has invited LG Squared, Inc.’s Chris Laumer-Giddens to discuss the HVAC Design process in remodeling projects […]

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